Altadena Golf Course, Birmingham, AL: Blake + Jessie

From the moment they stepped out of the car at Moss Rock Preserve, Blake was cracking jokes and Jessie was doubled over laughing.

You can tell that’s just a normal part of life.

IĀ lovedĀ time with Blake and Jessie on this hot summer evening spent at Moss Rock and Altadena Golf Course! They are fun-loving, up for adventure, not afraid to get a little muddy and genuinely just enjoy each other. It was so hopeful to watch them interact; it’s the kind of love and interaction that doesn’t come along every day. We waded through waterfalls, trudged through pathways in the abandoned field and tried to avoid their dog when it shook off its water-stained coat!

Congrats, Blake and Jessie, and bring on March 25!