Botanical Gardens Engagement Session, Birmingham AL: Hannah + David


David + Hannah made this session at Botanical Gardens, Morris Avenue and the 22nd Street Bridge so magical!!! David has an eye for photography himself, so he was on board with tailoring this session to their personalities and adventuring together to find sun-soaked spots across the city. We ran from one side of the street to the other multiple times, dodging cars and catching light, as well as exploring the gardens as it showed off its fall leaves!

In a very floral analogy, David is the stem and Hannah is the flower in their relationship. You can just tell how much David lets Hannah blossom by the way she throws back her head with laughter, and that David is the steady anchor by his quiet presence and tenderness toward her.

These two are so dedicated to their careers, their church and their friends … so I can’t wait to watch them dedicate their lives to each other in April 2022!