Botanical Gardens Engagement Session, Birmingham AL: Katie + Hardie

“I just want it all to be really romantic.”


Katie said that about her wedding on our first phone call, and I died and went to heaven for a second! Working with people who catch your vision for “jaw-dropping images” is a really beautiful thing, and I think you’ll agree that romance pervaded this session at Botanical Gardens and throughout downtown Birmingham! These two were so sweet in front of the camera, and it seemed like there was no one else in the world when they had quiet moments together.

Katie and Hardie are high school sweethearts, and they’re heading into marriage with a firm foundation.  I’m so very excited for these two that compliment each other so so well! Katie said this after their session, “Eleanor, you are next level for real!! I am so so happy that you are in charge of helping me remember this season forever! I could never thank you enough.” I will never tire of receiving those words on gallery delivery day! Walking through engagement with Katie + Hardie is the utmost joy.