Crest Road and Parking Deck Engagement Session, Birmingham AL: Abby + Alex

We didn’t expect an impromptu rain shower, and we didn’t expect a brilliant (in every sense of the word) sunset!

On the crest of the mountain in Highland Park, we got rained on. I mean, run-to-the-car-soaking type of rain. We sat it out, chatting about our stories, while waiting for the storm clouds to pass, and when they did? Well, it was a magical night.

Honestly, we got to the top of the parking deck a lot later than we expected. Golden hour had passed, but I TOTALLY wasn’t prepared for a greater golden hour that was to come (if that’s not a spiritual analogy, I don’t know¬†what is!!). A golden glow from the fiery clouds shone a red hue on Abby and Alex’s blushing faces as they kissed at the same time the sun dipped below the horizon. It really was “extraordinary magic” (thanks, Ben Rector, for my favourite spell-binding song).

I’m thankful to be photographing this precious couple’s story as they journey toward their wedding day on January 8! Bring on the rain, we’ve already run through it.