Crest Road Engagement Session, Birmingham AL: Kayla + Britt

Okay, hear me out …



This might be my favourite session of all time.

There … I said it!

I know, I know; it’s a big statement. But scroll through and you’ll see why.

Here are a few takeaways as to why this was my favourite session of all time:

  1. We started with gelato. Can you really go wrong with gelato? Nah, you really can’t. It loosens people up, gives them an activity, gets their flirt on and helps them frame the engagement session as a memory-maker, not just a photoshoot.
  2. When you’ve loved and lost, finding love again makes it all the more sweeter. Kayla and Britt’s story is so special, and it’s a different kind of connection than I’ve seen in a while. These two love each other and fight hard for their relationship, but they also have so much fun together! 15 seconds in to greeting them on Morris Avenue, I could tell that Kayla and Britt respect each other tremendously and dearly treasure their relationship.
  3. The sun came out IN FORCE and I was so there for it. Usually sunsets are very special to me, but there was something different about that night. The orange ball of fire in the sky gave this couple’s skin a red glow, so it was a fun challenge white balancing in-camera and in post trying to retain the integrity of the sun while also giving them great and accurate skin tones.
  4. They treated it like a date. We played music, they danced and honestly forgot about me for a little bit (my favourite kind of sessions). I really got to capture the sweetness between the two of them at sunset, which was a gift to be part of.


So there it is, folks. Sessions don’t have to be rigid and perfect; they can be full of emotion and fun. Schedule a session here and we can work together!