Crest Road Engagement Session, Birmingham, AL: Kelly + Blake

Kelly and Blake met through mutual friends.

They began going on dates while Kelly was finishing up seminary, so their dates were spaced apart every 1.5-2 weeks and Kelly wasn’t entirely sure about the whole thing! But she kept going out with Blake, and after a few more dates, I literally watched a lightbulb go off in her head one Saturday morning.

“I like Blake,” she said with the giddiest Kelly McCollum smile! There was no doubt that this relationship was going places, and honestly that smile still hasn’t gone away every time she talks about him.

A text from him pops up on her phone; she breaks into the biggest smile.

“How’s Blake?” I ask; she breaks into the biggest smile.

“What are you and Blake up to this weekend?”; she breaks into the biggest smile. 

There’s no shortage of smiles when they’re together (as you’ll see in this blog post) and I’m grateful that Kel found someone who makes her light up.

Kelly was my roommate until about a week ago, so I truly had the joy of watching their relationship develop! I met Blake for the first time on their second date, which included a car chase trying to keep a neighbour safe! Ask them about the full story sometime … it was quite the adventure. 😂 But that night, I got to watch how Blake took care of Kelly and made decisions very thoughtfully. Turns out, that’s true of his character and I’m thankful he’s the one that will be taking care of Kelly for the rest of her life!

Bring it on, March 4. We’ve been ready for you for a while!!


Love you, Kel!!