Danielle + Blake // Altadena Golf Course Proposal

While the rest of the world was staying in from the rain, Danielle and Blake went on a walk. The pitter-patter of the rain subsided for about 45 minutes while they drove to their favourite golf course right by her house and talked while they walked. Then Blake got down on one knee.

Danielle + Blake got engaged on Saturday night. It was simple, it was sweet and it was them. After enjoying one another’s company on and off for a few years, they decided back in July that this was worth pursuing. Then they came to the conclusion that this whole life is worth pursuing together. Just as the Lord walks with us through rough waters (Isaiah 43:2), they are committed to walking through potential rough waters in life together.

On Saturday, I had the honour of being the first person they saw after they got engaged. Blake texted me, “Word.” and I drove from my hiding spot to meet them. As I opened the car door, I yelled “YOU’RE GETTING MAAAAAARRIED!!” and they yelled it right back 🙂

Blake and Danielle’s love is precious. They are prayerful, committed, hilarious, confident in themselves, passionate about advancing the Gospel and totally made for each other. I am so thrilled for them to begin this journey toward marriage! As one of Danielle’s close friends, I’ve been able to watch their love grow and have been so encouraged by their dating process. They have the kind of love that everyone admires. Dani and Blake, I love you guys together! You’re gonna do big things and I’m thankful to witness it. YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!