Downtown Birmingham Anniversary Session: The Wallaces

A poem for the Magic City of Birmingham:

You’re an illusion, really.
From the mountaintop, your city lights glow.
But deep in your bones you know
That the people actually illuminate the night.
Vibrant structures, street lights, office lamps…
The people are the ones who make the city tick.
Every evening, the skyline beams with possibility
And at night, the city sleeps to anticipate
Revitalization, new and fresh every day.


Carmelle and Bradley are both doctors at UAB and just moved to Birmingham. So they were up for my shenanigans, Birmingham fun facts and tour around the Magic City! I love showing off this place, so there was no better way to capture their anniversary session and introduce them to the Steel City, Iron City, whatever-name-you-like-city!

We went up to a parking deck, hung out on 3rd Avenue by the Lyric and Alabama Theatres, walked down 20th Street, were captivated by The Florentine and saw the view off the 2nd Avenue Bridge, stopped off by The Pizitz and ran to the main doors of the Redmont for some snuggles. It was a perfectly beautiful evening and I loved getting to know these two!