Drakeford | Chattanooga Singer-Songwriter Music Duo

Let me introduce Drakeford. 

Drake and Lucy-Jayne Lanier are a Chattanooga-based singer-songwriter duo with hearts of gold and angel voices. Lucy is a Brit and Drake is a Brit at heart! They’re good family friends and we bond over music, mission, self-employment, our British citizenship, using our gifts for the good of the Gospel and a good ol’ Boxing Day walk around a lake. It’s just what the English do, and our families have been doing that for probably a decade together!

I stole this from their website, but it’s the most accurate description I’ve read:

The world-traveling duo’s music is folksy at heart with hints of pop throughout, with the finger-picking style being as clear and crisp as the vocal articulation.

Their voices are comforting and sound like you’ve been listening to them forever. Follow along with their journey over on Instagram and go download their new album, The Venture, on Apple Music or Spotify! You won’t regret it. My favourites are “The Road” and “Creation to Salvation.”

Now for these pictures… Gosh, they know how to work the camera! Two weeks ago, we were in Wales together, where we caught the last few minutes of the England-Colombia football quarter-final, sang in a Gospel choir and ventured around Merthyr Tydfil to take these pictures! You can read more about our mission trip here. But for now, please enjoy!