Engagement: Kyle & Sara

Kyle and Sara are the sweetest couple!

It was a joy to hang out with them on Friday at Sara’s parent’s house, surrounded by a wooded front yard decorated with beautiful flowers. It was quite the family ordeal, as their dogs ran around the yard and Ms. Suzanne and Katie helped move things around while cracking funny jokes! I love the Woodruff family, and it was so fun to see Kyle interact with the people who mean the most to Sara. I truly can’t wait until they’re married!

This couple is so in love and are excited to announce that they are getting married on June 20, 2015! Let the wedding planning begin, and enjoy these pictures!

IMG_0086 IMG_0098 IMG_0117 IMG_0144 IMG_0166 IMG_0224 IMG_0237 IMG_0239 IMG_0258 IMG_0262 IMG_0274 IMG_0280 IMG_0291 IMG_0297 IMG_0304 IMG_0321 IMG_0327 IMG_0330 IMG_0331 IMG_0351 IMG_0358 IMG_0369 IMG_0375 IMG_0376 IMG_0396 IMG_0405 IMG_0422 IMG_0474 IMG_0480 IMG_0488 IMG_0513 IMG_0523 IMG_0527 IMG_0531 IMG_0539 IMG_0554 IMG_0570 IMG_0577 IMG_0580