Grants Mill + Crest Road Anniversary Session, Birmingham, AL: Anna Claire + Stewart Parks

It was a gloomy day here in Birmingham, AL, but that didn’t stop the Parks and I from meeting up for what turned out to be a beautiful anniversary session. I love it when a couple wants to document an anniversary. It’s easy to see how in love they still are, and this session was no different!

This past summer, I realized I really needed to do a shoot just for fun. If I don’t take a work break every once in a while, photography starts to look more like a chore and less like something I love! I texted the Parks to see if they were interested in a complimentary fun shoot in exchange for some exploring and adventuring together! As you can see, they were up for it and brought along a great sense sense of Fall style. We had so much fun catching up, and it was a wonderful reprieve from my typical work day.

I’m always thankful for the time I get to spend with these two. Stewart and Anna Claire are kind to everyone they meet, full of adventure and curiosity, and they always ask me plenty of questions. Their care for each other and others is obvious through every interaction I have with them. We ended our time together with Stewart praying for me, and it couldn’t have been a sweeter example of kindness and friendship.