Jemison Trail Engagement Session, Birmingham, AL | Eleanor Stenner

When you encounter a love like Brad and Krista’s… you take note. Basically all he has to do is look at her and the Princess Diaries foot pop appears! It wouldn’t be Krista without a good old foot pop 🙂 These two are so happy in any and every situation.

I was honoured to photograph their engagement session on their first anniversary of being together. We went back to the place that Brad proposed, and it made Krista a little teary as she recounted the memory. Wandering through the sunlit trees was honestly a magical experience… I would look back at their faces while walking and talking and stop every couple of minutes because the back lighting was too good not to take a picture! They went wading through spider webs, weeds and water to create art with me that will last a lifetime.

I’m so so thrilled for you both, Brad and Krista! May your relationship always bring joy and point you to the Giver of good gifts.