Jonee + Brendon // Main Street Anniversary Session

Jonee and Brendon hadn’t done a photoshoot since their wedding eight years ago, so it was a treat to capture these for them! We braved the 20 degrees to capture some anniversary images for them, and I’m grateful none of us got frostbite! This couple is special to my heart and I’m grateful for the example of their love…their patience, kind-heartedness and support of one another.

Main Street USA, aka Senoia, is right around the corner from my parents’ house, so I go there at every chance I get! It’s quaint, and it’s where Sweet Home Alabama and The Walking Dead were both filmed. That’s where we did Jonee + Brendon’s anniversary session, and it was fun to watch tourists walk by as we were shooting 🙂

So thrilled to share this anniversary session with you!