Kelsie + TJ | Samford University Proposal, Birmingham, AL

Kelsie, one of my very best friends, got engaged to TJ this past weekend! I was an accomplice in the whole plot to surprise her, and who knew that lying was so fun. Ha! They’ve only dated for a few months, but we knew TJ was the one when Kelsie said “I just feel safe with him… Even if we don’t end up together, I know that I am safe.” But I’m sure glad they ended up together! It was a beautiful reminder that marriage is not the goal or the reward, but a sweet gift from a kind God. They’re a powerhouse for the kingdom of God together, and it’s a pure joy watching your best friends marry godly men. I love these two!


Here’s Kelsie’s version of the proposal story!

“I woke up on a normal Saturday and worked most of the morning due to busy accounting season. TJ was working in Auburn and I wasn’t going to be able to see him until the next day, so I had plans with two of my best friends, Caroline and Eleanor (oh hey that’s me). Caroline picked me up so she could “swing by Samford and drop off a bag for her friend’s sister.” Since Caroline didn’t attend Samford and I had, I started asking her questions about where we were going so I could tell her to park in the right place. She didn’t have a lot of details and I asked her to show me the text so I could help, but she looked herself and said the girl we needed to meet was at Reid Chapel. So I gave her directions to the chapel and she parked in the lot right below it. Caroline had asked me earlier that day if I would come out with her to meet her friend’s sister, since she was “looking for churches” and I work with college students at Redeemer. So I borrowed her bright pink rain jacket, took my purse (because maybe every once in a while crime happens at Samford) and walked up the stairs to the chapel. I was looking for her friend and not seeing anyone.  Caroline was yelling the girl’s name as we turned a corner. I saw TJ wearing a suit, standing in the walkway on the side of the chapel.
Two thoughts went through my head:


“I’m so glad I get to see him today!!!”


As I stood there in total shock, Caroline leaned over and said “Do you want to give me your purse?” I nodded, handed it over, and walked up the sidewalk in a daze to TJ. He took my hands and (he’s so kind) asked me, “Do you want to take off your jacket?” because he knew the bright pink jacket wouldn’t be the best idea for pictures. So I took my jacket off and he took my hands again. I looked back at Caroline, still in shock, and saw Eleanor standing with her taking pictures of us. If I had any doubts about what was about to happen, they were now gone, and I focused all my attention on remembering what TJ said to me. I won’t share any of that here, but let’s just say it was the most beautiful speech I’ve ever heard. He then pulled a box from his pocket, got down on one knee, opened the box and asked me to marry him. I’m honestly not even sure if I said yes, nodded in speechless shock or just stared at him, but somehow he got the memo and put the ring on my finger.


Caroline and Eleanor ran up after he proposed and got in several hugs, then Eleanor spent some time with us taking pictures (WOW BEAUTIFUL JOB). TJ told me about dinner reservations but we had a little time in between, so we went to Eleanor’s house where I borrowed all her clothes and blow-dried my hair, since we were soaked from taking pictures in the rain. We got ready, drove to the restaurant and walked inside… where I saw my parents and his family sitting together!! I was completely shocked. At this point I started thinking, “How many surprises does he have up his sleeve today?!” We enjoyed dinner with our families and decided to go back to my house after so our families could spend more time together. Wouldn’t you know it, he had one more surprise in there… when we walked in my house, about 40 of our friends were there to celebrate with us! His family had been at my house that afternoon decorating, and several friends were there who had told me they would be out of town that day (thus confirming in my mind that TJ wouldn’t be proposing that day). So we spent the evening with our closest friends, sharing the story from the day and celebrating God’s abundant kindness in bringing us each other.”


Presenting the future Mr and Mrs Leon…