Morris Avenue + Jemison Trail Engagement Session, Birmingham, AL: Melanie + Keivan

“Suddenly everything became a blur.

“I glanced at his pocket and noticed something square was inside. My legs started shaking as they always do when I get very nervous or scared. Next thing I know he was on one knee saying things about forever that neither of us now remember. The ring is now on my hand and we are hugging. I’m trying to stop shaking, I hear people clapping, and I can’t even form a sentence I’m so surprised. And for those still wondering, in all the blur, I did remember to say yes.”


Melanie + Keivan’s love story is too good not to share it in her own words! These two drove from Northport, Alabama for our downtown Birmingham engagement session. This colourful wall on Morris Avenue got us all so excited and I can’t wait to watch the life Melanie + Keivan build together!


“Keivan and I first met online when he messaged me on November 29, 2017. Our first date was a few weeks later. The date ended up being 15 hours long and included Fadi’s, Starbucks, La Madeleine Café, IHOP, walking in the cold, many long conversations, and a first kiss! 

We have both had a lot of changes since we first met. I have moved four times since then from Humble, to downtown Houston, to Beaumont, and finally to Northport, Alabama where we live now. 

Last Fall we were able to travel to Turkey, and I was able to meet the rest of his family. Keivan was born and raised in Iran and most of his family and extended family is still there. Keivan and I were scared to sit down and count all of our plane flights, but since we met, we have been on a combined total of at least 58 flights!

We’ve both grown and changed a lot over the last 2+ years and look forward to being able to face the rest of our lives together.”


I hope you enjoy this magical engagement session!