Piedmont Park, Atlanta Engagement Session | Eleanor Stenner

We probably walked two miles during this session… weaving in and out of Piedmont Park. It was a calm Monday evening but it was as if every Atlantan came out to Piedmont Park to play frisbee! You could feel the pulse of the city and the palpable excitement for the chill in the air. Fall arrived in the South, and it’s something worth celebrating! (Although I’ll be hibernating until April and weeping every day, please and thank you)


Caroline + John's Piedmont Park engagement session in downtown Atlanta. Stunning views, lots of laughter and excitement for the upcoming marriage!


Caroline + John are some of the easiest company. It took them no time to become naturals for their future modeling careers 😉 Between their schedules, they don’t see each other too much. But when they do, it’s as if no time passed. They’re best friends and no one can miss that.

I’m thrilled to be photographing their wedding in April and continuing to get to know these two!