Samford University Valentine’s Mini Session: Paul + Anna

For a whole year, we lived one door away from each other… approximately 15 footsteps. I would round the corner and walk past their door every day and see them out and about, but we never officially introduced ourselves! Paul and Anna were resident directors in my freshman dorm, so it was nice to know there was a couple around the corner. 

I had no idea that eight years later, we’d be back at Samford for a Valentine’s Day mini session. It was really sweet to spend 10 minutes with them. Just documenting them… An early morning date at the place they met 15 years ago with the background of their wedding ceremony location. It doesn’t get more romantic and nostalgic than that! 

We all go to the same church now. It’s a very large church, so it can be hard to have lengthy conversations when getting from church to Sunday school classes. So I really enjoyed getting a snippet of their life as a family. It’s full of “good job!” chants, hugs, climbing trees and big toothy smiles.

Check out Paul + Anna’s session! Happy Valentine’s Day!