Vulcan Park + Downtown Homewood Engagement, Birmingham AL: Amelie + Taylor

November 25, 2020

Hilariously, Amelie thought she wouldn’t look good in front of the camera…


I think we’ve realized that was false, because this girl is a BOMBSHELL! We ventured around Homewood, Vulcan Trail and even grabbed a few doughnuts from HERO on Central Avenue. Amelie will tell you that she’s not obsessed with doughnuts — that it was just a fun stop in our session — but after this session I think we all are!

These two met in Uruguay and began their first date right when she stepped off the plane… how nerve-racking!!! But they overcame the nerves and began dating. It’s history from there, and I can’t wait until May 30 when these two wed!



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Want to know more?