Ariel | Backyard Peachtree City Session

I’ve known Tara, Ariel’s mother, for….gosh, 20 years now! We’ve been family friends for a long time… in fact, they were the first family we ever met in the States and have been instrumental in our family’s story. We’ve been on mission trips to Wales, spent Christmas Eves together and loved on a lot of bichon frise dogs (shout out to the famous Beau Terry)!  Scroll to the bottom to see a picture of me and Tara from 1999! (feat. Pooh Bear)

Miss Ariel turned one recently, and it was a pure joy to capture the Christian family together. How sweet it is to celebrate an awaited child with dear friends. Ariel is full of life, and was cracking us all up with how she kept throwing her head backwards. The girl’s got tricks! Her big blue eyes make you melt, and her cheeks make you want to wrap her up. She’s very loved, and although she may not remember the carousel bouncy castle or the beautiful decorations for her party, the whole family enjoyed celebrating the life of this little one!

Me and Tara in 1999. Back when Pooh Bear flat bills were cool…. or were they ever?! Regardless, it was an honour to capture Tara and her sweet family.