Botanical Gardens Maternity Session, Birmingham AL: The McCollums

You could imagine my surprise when they said, “It’s TRIPLETS!”

I stood, mouth agape, trying to process the news. Kirsten + Andrew are having triplet baby girls, and it blew my mind THE WHOLE session! Kirsten was energetic at 28 weeks, and at every turn I couldn’t stop thinking, “she is a CHAMP.” As we rifled through their ultrasound pictures trying to find the perfect one for our session, I was amazed at how intricately the Lord designed babies. Each had its own amniotic sac, which means they’re all fraternal, and three tiny blobs turned into detailed feet and hands. To create the biology of each precious girl had to be the work of a master, only One.

I’m thrilled to know this godly couple and honoured to have been a small part of their journey in growing these children.