Eden Family | Seavy Street Park, Senoia GA

I drove to Senoia as buckets of rain were pouring down.

“Oh gosh,” I thought, “I’m gonna have to cancel this family session.” Not a fun feeling.

The rain poured, then after a few minutes it settled. I sat in the parking lot and hesitantly got out of the car to assess the situation.

Puddles everywhere. Yep. Everywhere. Sink holes, rain droplets, the whole shebang.

But with the sun peeking out of a cloud, there was promise. And where there’s a promise, there’s also delivery! The sun showed up for this family session with the Edens and it was so fun!

David threw each of his boys so high in the air that I had to step back to capture the whole scene! Little Caleb smiled the whole time, and Ethan was fascinated with the library loan box. I stole David and Lauren for a few minutes to grab some pictures of them together. And Noah? Well, he was the calmest baby I’ve seen in a while!

Hope you enjoy the Edens family session at Seavy Street Park!