Fall Minis 2022: Botanical gardens

This was one of the most action-packed Saturdays I’ve had in a while!

I had the pleasure of photographing so many families, hearing their stories and seeing them bond together. So many things about this day were picture-perfect and I sure will remember it for awhile!

Below I’ve highlighted some of the families’ minis from this day for you to enjoy! Here we gooo!


The Avecedos

Their session was all things bright, airy and fun! I think I will forever look back on these photos wanting a bow like this for my own…


The Blanks

…and the Blanks are just beautiful! Their colors with the fall leaves made for the perfect autumn scene.


The Crains

I simply could not get over the sweetness of my time with the Crains. They’re about to welcome their second child and I’m so thrilled for them!


The Forbeses

The Forbes family made for a happy Eleanor, from sweet cheek kisses to laughing and lots of fun!


The Lavenders

Just look at them.. Don’t the Lavenders just look like a blast?! And to make it even better, the flowers look an awful lot like lavenders behind them!


The Meadows

Some families are just made for the camera and this is one of them! Little Hadley ran away from the camera at first, but eventually warmed up to the idea of it!


The Mosses

I was getting allll the sweetness with the Moss family. Couples in love while loving their child so dearly is such a precious thing – captured so naturally as you can see!


The Phelpses

Those. Colours! That’s it. Bright blue coordination and the beautiful flowers setting the scene made for such a picturesque moment.


The Reynolds’

My time with the Reynolds could be described as sweet, happy and joyful. I photographed their wedding and first family pictures, so it was super fun having them back in front of my camera!


The Wetherholts

Well… never have I encountered a family quite like the Wetherholts! Fun-loving, bonded and a little crazy, you can tell they’re all from the same bloodline. They know how to be silly in the best way together and that was such a blast to capture!