The Kings // Line Creek Family Session

I just finished my second week of my last semester of college. Wowza, time flies by! Two weeks before I left for school, I had the joy of shooting pictures of one of my favourite families: the Kings. They have a special story, and I have loved knowing them, babysitting their children over the years and serving together in church.

We went to one of my favourite locations when the light was perfect, and their joy and laughter was infectious! We had so much fun, and thankfully no one fell in the water! Enjoy these pictures!

IMG_1046 IMG_1054

IMG_1057 IMG_1074IMG_1092 IMG_1098 IMG_1116 IMG_1126

IMG_1140 IMG_1145IMG_1163

IMG_1206 IMG_1241 IMG_1247 IMG_1303IMG_1317 IMG_1329 IMG_1363 IMG_1389

IMG_1419 IMG_1439

IMG_1467 IMG_1490 IMG_1499

IMG_1530 IMG_1560 IMG_1553