The Edwards // Bird Sanctuary Family Session

It’s funny what a two-year-old will do to your heart. In this case, my little niece turns my heart to mush! 

“Ena Ena Ena!” is what Brynlee shouts when she sees me. Pronouncing Eleanor is hard, I’ve come to learn! We play games, snuggle (on the rare occasion) and dance in the basement to some classic English children’s songs. This past weekend, she made me some eggs, toast, sausages, cheese and peas. She’s quite the chef….in her pretend kitchen 🙂

This past weekend, we went to my favourite (okay, the only) Bird Sanctuary with my sister Meg, brother-in-law Alex and Brynlee. To Brynlee’s dismay, wearing sparkly silver shoes isn’t very conducive to running in mud. Thankfully we steered clear of the muddy trails and camped out in a grassy area. She’s such a fun ball of energy at this age, and Meg + Alex have affectionately named this year “the terrific two’s” instead of “the terrible two’s.”

My favourite little family, everyone: