How To Prep For a Newborn Session

Blurry eyes, full hearts… can’t lose! Newborn sessions occur within the first 5-10 days of your newborn’s life. Babies are easier to move around in different positions, and their sleep schedule isn’t quite set. Here are my top tips about how to prepare for your newborn session!

Feed Right Before

I always recommend feeding right before a shoot. That way, baby will hopefully fall asleep and will be a bit easier to manuever in different poses!

Keep the House Warm

I always bring a space heater, because the room will need to be warm. Please bump the temperature up a bit before I arrive so that they’re already warm!

Wear The Favourite Outfit First

To avoid any spitting up, spills or crying spells, dress baby in your favourite outfit first! That way, we can guarantee solo pictures of them in their special outfit.

Choose A Room With Natural Light

If your nursery doesn’t have much light, let’s take family pictures of the three of you on a couch or in a room full of more light! We’ll definitely take pictures in the nursery, but it’s always great to have another location such as a master bedroom or living room.

Get Comfy

Choose outfits that will make you feel great. You’ll probably be feeling a little vulnerable in this new phase, so either buy a new outfit or go to a time-tested old favourite. I always suggest taking shoes off in the house for a more casual feel, especially if you’ll be in carpeted rooms. But if you’re looking for more formal, pop the shoes back on!

Have Details Ready

I always ask new parents to identify a few significant items – their baby dress, a special blanket, stuffed animal, etc. – so that we can preserve family heirlooms. Please have those laid out so we can be as efficient as possible!

Treat Yoself

After the first few days as a parent, you’ll probably be craving a shower and to feel beautiful! Ask your husband to let you get a manicure and even your hair and makeup done! It will make you feel confident amidst a lack of sleep.