In-Home Family Session, Birmingham AL: The Milners

October 27, 2021

Rachael + Ethan have invited me into their lives the past decade, and thusly I’ve gotten to know their whole family. As I live in a different city from my parents and sisters, they’ve welcomed me in with open arms. Labour and Memorial Days, random days of the week, every weekday in the office, weekend sleepovers with Rach on the couch, door dash and cooked meals, vacations and ordinary days … we’ve done it all, and I’m so thankful!
I love spending time with the Milners (+ Grants + Jacksons) because they’re hospitable, funny, curious, caring and make mouth-wateringly good desserts for every celebration or event 😉⁠⁠
We spent some time in the backyard this month documenting their growing family and it was the best.


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Want to know more?