Jemison Trail Family Session, Birmingham, AL | Eleanor Stenner

Three girls… exactly like I grew up.

Emily Ann, Abby Grace and Betsy are the sweetest sisters, and we clicked instantly! They jumped out of the car, ready to get started and with questions brimming. Word had gotten round in their circle of friends that I say the word ‘banana’ funny, so we had a good time practicing, haha! These three have the cutest little personalities – full of funny faces, twirls and charming smiles – and begged me the whole time to wade in the creek 🙂 We finally got to do that at the end of the session, and they had a blast throwing rocks and being near the water.

Ashley and Brian parent their girls with grace, patience and FUN. They were up for giggles, tackling and all sorts during our session and I loved it! Jemison Trail had really lush greenery (mostly weeds but it worked!) and great padding for when the girls tackled their Dad to the ground!