Obregon Family // Backyard Adventures

The sweeeetest kids let me take their pictures a few weeks ago. They were a little shy at first, but then we came up with a game that had them running all over the yard, finding pine cones, throwing pine straw like confetti and laughing hard with each other. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!


IMG_5875 IMG_6359 IMG_6353 IMG_6350 IMG_6338 IMG_6328 IMG_6323 IMG_6309 IMG_6287 IMG_6286 IMG_6285 IMG_6271 IMG_6264 IMG_6243 IMG_6241 IMG_6225 IMG_6214 IMG_6209 IMG_6186 IMG_6180 IMG_6159 IMG_6146 IMG_6117 IMG_6111 IMG_6093 IMG_6088 IMG_6086 IMG_6085 IMG_6079 IMG_6072 IMG_6069 IMG_6050 IMG_6045 IMG_6034 IMG_5999 IMG_5980 IMG_5968 IMG_5963 IMG_5952 IMG_5937 IMG_5931 IMG_5892 IMG_5887