Parking Deck Valentine’s Day Mini Session: Cossiboom Family

If you know them, you LOVE them.

The Cossiboom family is one of a kind — friendly, kind, compassionate, godly and consistent. Chad is one of those people who can look at you and make you want to cry in the best way possible. He’s so pastoral and has an immense gift of counseling people. Our church is so thankful for him serving as Executive Pastor, and we love this family! I’ve known them for nine years now and have had the privilege of sitting under Chad’s teaching in college ministry, and now serving with him on staff. Holly embodies gentleness, but she also has a beautiful laugh that makes her whole face light up! The way she loves and intentionally raises their kids is inspiring.

Abby, Noah, Jude and Micah embody so many sweet qualities from both of their parents, and it’s beautiful to watch. It’s wild how quickly the four kids have grown!┬áHappy Valentine’s Day, Cossibooms! You are loved and treasured.