Parking Deck Valentine’s Mini Session: Johnson Family

Marchele will say it herself… she loves chaos! I don’t know how she does it all. She’s a nurse practitioner, mama to three littles, wife to a student pastor and somehow manages to work the title of “photographer” into that mix… at a cut throat pace! Seems impossible to me, but she does it.
I’m so impressed with all Marchele shares and learns. You can catch her on a daily basis posting Insta stories about funny parenting moments, cute kid outfits, adorable family sessions, student ministry life and how much she loves her husband. She’s one of the most authentic people I know and doesn’t shy away from the hard.
So, it’s suffice to say this Valentine’s Day session was special for them. Marchele told me, “my kids will last 5-8 minutes” and I love that she knows – down to the minute – the limit. I see that as a kindness to her kids. She doesn’t force them into photoshoots that are boring or that will test them. It was a high energy session for everyone, but SO fun! So many giggles. So many laughs. All squeezed into 10 minutes.
Happy Valentine’s, Johnson fam!