Seavy Street Park Family Session, Senoia, GA | Eleanor Stenner

Throwing branches around, purposely running into each other, tackling parents and giving big hugs were the hallmarks of this fun session! All the cousins and grandparents got together and we spent some enjoyable time in Seavy Street Park in Senoia.

I’ve known the Bridgmans for many years now… Anson was sitting near me on a church bus the day I got my first camera in 2007. I would like to make a public apology for how many selfies I took on that point-and-shoot (before selfies were even a thing…. ugh I’m old!) and for how obsessed I was with taking macro pictures of flowers. Honestly, it was pretty disastrous!!

But now we’re all old (cough, I mean, just me) and it’s a gift to watch families grow and develop. Piper is in seventh grade – the age I was when our family moved to the States – and already in the youth group (what!). Sadie looooves to be in front of the camera with the biggest smile, and Blaze is kind and content. And Finn? Well, he kept us laughing the whole time with his funny faces and his attachment to a branch!

Family sessions hold so much wonder, and this session wasn’t exempt from that magic.