The Franklins: A Family Session in Mountain Brook, AL

The Franklin family and I recently embarked on a chilly but charming photo session in the heart of Mountain Brook. Everett, Tatum, and James, the three adorable Franklin brothers, arrived in the coziest blue sweaters, proving that style and warmth can go hand in hand. Armed with enthusiasm, blankets and my camera, we quickly turned a freezing day into a warm and cherished memory!



Facing the cold, the Franklin family came up with a genius strategy: “Breathe in, wiggle it out!” And wiggle they did! The boys, armed with infectious giggles and endless energy, wiggled their way across each frame, making the freezing temperatures an afterthought. I’ll definitely be using that tactic the next time I’m shooting a freezing wedding!

While the older brothers were on the move, Baby James held court on a cozy blanket, soaking in the winter sunshine. Despite his chilled-out demeanor, his brothers took breaks from their running antics to shower him with love!



The Franklins are no strangers to adventure, and their family photo session was no exception! Unworried about dirt or silliness, they embraced the playful spirit of the day. In a delightful twist, the boys took charge and directed their parents during the shoot. Who knew that Tatum had a knack for choosing the perfect pose or that Everett had a talent for capturing candid smiles? The result: a gallery of heartwarming moments that truly capture the essence of the Franklin family.