The Posts: A Family Session on Double Oak Mountain

The Post family has grown quite a bit over the last few years, and it’s not often that they are all back home in Birmingham at the same time. When they are, you definitely have to take advantage of it!

We met up on their beautiful family farm on Double Oak Mountain to run around the sprawling fields, pose in some adorable Fall outfits, and capture alllll the beautiful memories.



No family photo session is complete without dancing to some Disney songs (“Frozen,” in this case) and bribing the kids with M&Ms. For the record, it works every time!



By the time the afternoon rolled around, I could tell the kids were becoming less and less interested in the camera. Yes, it can be hard to keep their attention and get them smiling, but those silly-face, candid moments make for some of the best photos!



One of the highlights of the day was seeing all the Post kids in the cutest matching jackets! I know siblings don’t always love matching with their brothers and sisters, but it certainly does make for the sweetest photos!

As we travelled up the hill to take some of the day’s final shots, one of the granddaughters, Rosie, made up this chant to help excite the rest of the kids who were feeling a tad exhausted: “P-O-S-T POST PICTURE DAY!” It may have beenĀ justĀ what we needed to bring some life back into their spirits!



As the day came to a close, I couldn’t help but feel grateful to have captured these moments in the Post family journey. I hope they look back at these photos for years to come with fond memories of the beautiful day we spent together!