Thompson Family | Highland Park Family Session, Birmingham, AL

Caroline’s hair really stole the show at our session the other night. The air had chilled toward early evening, so little Weston was wrapped up in a blanket as he braved the cold. Six months old and already a fighter!

We met at Rhodes Park, a new favourite little spot for me. But let me tell you about earlier that day…

I had found a coffee shop right next to the park, in hopes that I could walk a few steps to the session and cut out some driving time. I bought some tea, sat down, plugged in all my devices and started to work. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a man gather his notepad and move tables to sit right next to me. I thought it odd, but kept working. After a couple of minutes, I realized he kept glancing at me every few seconds. I turned my body to a slight angle and continued to work, although I was slightly creeped out. The glancing continued, so I put my hand over my face, pretending to be in deep concentration. A page of his notepad began to fill up, and I saw that it was a picture of my FACE! AH! He had been sneaking glances for about five minutes and drawing my portrait. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time, haha! So I promptly asked for a to-go cup and migrated to another coffee shop. Suffice to say, the afternoon wasn’t as productive as I hoped, but I’m glad it ended by photographing the Thompsons!

I was acquaintances with both Caroline and Whitt in college, but it wasn’t until the past year that Caroline and I became friends through church! I’ve been able to see Weston’s life from the beginning and it’s such a joy to see Caroline blossom into a thoughtful, beautiful, kind mother. Whitt is equally in love with his little fella and Weston is the spitting image of his Dad! Although it was cold, little Weston was a mini champion and gave us some cute smiles as he got allllll the hugs and kisses from his parents. This cutie started out with dark brown hair, and now he matches Caroline and Whitt with their amazing blonde hair. So so happy to share these images with you, friends!