Vehrs Family // Senoia Public Library Session

The Vehrs family was such a joy to photograph! Daniel, Audrey and I explored on paths, rolled down hills and climbed some rocks. I love the location (primarily because it has ducks), and we had a great time documenting their yearly family portraits!


IMG_5352 IMG_5362 IMG_5369 IMG_5383 IMG_5411 IMG_5422 IMG_5455 IMG_5474 IMG_5489 IMG_5533 IMG_5544 IMG_5547 IMG_5554 IMG_5562 IMG_5568 IMG_5584 IMG_5605 IMG_5626 IMG_5630 IMG_5652 IMG_5676 IMG_5686 IMG_5698 IMG_5718 IMG_5767 IMG_5772 IMG_5787 IMG_5796 IMG_5818 IMG_5821