Vestavia Hills Baseball Field, Birmingham, AL | Eleanor Stenner

Kevin and I met at Starbucks.

His family had moved to Mountain Brook a few weeks before to pastor a church in the heart of the town. And it was my first full week of full time photography. Kevin and I were both at Starbucks that first week of January, and I noticed him wearing a clerical collar…. so, typical me struck up a conversation! We became friends and I’ve had the privilege of hearing about his family’s journey the past 18 months. Little Abigail was born five weeks ago and it was precious to watch big brother Jesse take such good care of her.

Jesse had us cracking up the whole time and he unashamedly tackled, tickled and laughed during our session. What a gift that God connected me with this family during their time in Birmingham. Cheers to you, Starbucks!