6 Workflow Time Savers for Business Owners

Always wondering how to cut down on your time spent working? Not sure how to be more efficient in your current day-to-day duties? Well, friend, I’ve been there. With these six workflow time savers, I’ve cut so much wasted time from my business, streamlined processes and kept everything in a few places instead of 17! Although we’ll never be rid of the bajillion passwords that the Internet requires of us, here are 6 workflow time savers for business owners that will create more time in your schedule!



HON. EY. BOOK. Wow, what an amazing tool this has been for my business! I’m able to keep all my client communication, files, payments and information in one place. I can send contracts, invoices, questionnaires, pdfs and timelines throughout the entire session or wedding process. It even streamlines my contact form on my website — the form comes directly into my Honeybook workspace and I can begin communicating with clients from there! Click here for my referral code to get 50% off your first year!


Where would I be without a list? If you know me, you know how I thrive and live by lists. Evernote is the perfect place to compile everything for my business, personal life and future plans. You can create “Notebooks” and then add notes into your notebook. It’s just like a virtual paper notebook! And I love it.


Instead of emailing back and forth about when to schedule an engagement session or phone call, clients of mine can choose a time slot in Calendly. It sends an email straight to my Inbox and immediately adds it to my Apple calendar. On the calendar invite, I have my client’s email, phone number and important information I may need to know. It’s been such a time saver in my business!

Email templates.

I found that I was wasting so much time writing the same email over and again. So, over the course of a week a few years ago, I tracked my sent emails and began developing templates. They develop and evolve as I grow, learn more and am able to answer new questions. I’m able to provide more information because my templates are solid, including helpful blog posts and links to external sites for clients. It has thoroughly enhanced my client communication!

Text shortcuts.

This has come in cluttttttch! Hashtags are important for business owners, but now I don’t have to type them out every.single.time! In your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Shortcuts. You can make any text shortcut you like — happy birthday messages, planned hashtags and Calendly links are a place to begin!


Apple Calendar.

This might be a given for some, but I used a written planner for two years and probably wasted so much time doing so! Now I can integrate my email and Calendly registrations with my Apple calendar, and use it on both my mobile and desktop! I was scared to switch from a paper planner because I loved seeing a weekly view, but I can see months at a time from my desktop!