The Secret To My Camera Gear

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I buy all of my Canon camera equipment used! Like clothes shopping, I’m always looking for an amazing deal. I’ve bought equipment from KEH Camera, B&H Photo Video, a Canon buy and sell Facebook group, Amazon and eBay. I’ve never had any trouble with any used equipment, but that’s because I always do my research!

Canon R6

This is an angel of a camera…so much so that I have two. The R6 is  a workhorse, and its clarity is impeccable. I have loved how dependable the focus is, and it comes with so many features like Wifi connection, touch-to-focus, a touch screen, pull-out LCD screen and a control ring (purchased separately) that allows me to choose what it controls. Currently, I have it set to control my Kelvin so I don’t have to press two extra buttons to access it!



Canon 24mm f/2.8

I love this lens for reception images. The 2.8 aperture isn’t my favourite, but it’s awesome for super wide shots, and I can get in the middle of the dance floor to capture all the action happening in front of me.


Canon 35mm f/1.4 L

The 35 gets me up close and personal to a subject without distortion, so you can capture raw feeling. The 50mm is dreamy and beautiful, and the 35mm is a bit more authentic. It’s a beautiful lens and especially fun for family portraits.


Canon 50mm f/1.2 L

I never take this lens off my camera body! I’ve fallen in love with the bokeh, the crispness and the creaminess of this lens. Love ya, 85.



Canon 85mm f/1.2 L

I honestly rarely use my 85mm, but when I do I’m always pleased. It’s tack sharp and the colouring of it makes my heart sing! The 1.2 aperture is amazing, and there’s nothing like portraits with this lens or reception details. You just can’t beat it!



Canon 100mm f/2.8 L

As much as I wish this lens had a lower aperture, it’s a real beauty. This lens enables me to get the perfect detail shots…rings, invitation suites … ah, bliss!



Canon 70-200mm f/2.8

I use this at every wedding ceremony, and although it’s big and bulky, it is a faithful companion. I love the focal length, and love that I can depend on it.



Canon 600 EXII-RT + YN600EX-RT II

These two flashes work in tandem beautifully. I love that I can buy one Canon brand and two Yongnuo without breaking the bank, and they work together so well during receptions.


Lexar Memory Cards

My camera bag is packed with two of these, but these days I shoot mostly on two 128GB. I love not having to change memory cards in the middle of a wedding day, but I often do just for caution’s sake! The memory cards’ speed is unbeatable and there are often sales throughout the year, because these babies get expensive!


So, I’ve shared what’s in my bag, but not about the actual bags! These aren’t affiliate links; just camera bags I use on a wedding day!
  1. Meet the Kamrette Lyra BackpackIt fits everything, and I love this camera bag for wedding days! It’s sturdy, dependable and relatively comfy for a camera bag with 20lbs of gear in it. 😂
  2. Meet the Kelly Moore Bag – Luna Bone. This little cutie is the perfect size if I’m wanting to just bring a lens or two on a shoot while I’m wearing both camera bodies. I typically put all my essentials in it (phone, keys, wallet) and it’s nice to not lug around a huge camera bag while shooting! I’ve had this camera bag for yearssss and it’s served me well.
  3. Meet the Herschel bumbag! I wear this all day long to store my phone, keys, extra batteries and occasionally extra memory cards. They’re coming back, I just know it!


If you’re interested in the whole gamut of gear that I use, you can click here for my Amazon list with links to everything with which I run my business. There are lots of options for buying gear such as KEH Camera, B&H Photo Video and places like eBay and Amazon. You’re not bound to always buying the most expensive equipment!