Amsterdam // City of Canals Family Vacation

My family had the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam for vacation a few weeks ago. The language is confusing, the bike lanes are overwhelming and the city was busy, but all that was eclipsed by the beautiful canals that ran through the city center. Enjoy these pictures!

IMG_9350 IMG_9345 IMG_9341 IMG_9323 IMG_9314 IMG_9310 IMG_9303 IMG_9295 IMG_9283 IMG_9278 IMG_9275 IMG_9262 IMG_9243 IMG_9239
IMG_9219 IMG_9200 IMG_9193 IMG_9172 IMG_9169 IMG_9165 IMG_9159 IMG_9132 IMG_9116 IMG_9109 IMG_9108 IMG_9106 IMG_9087 IMG_9082 IMG_9072 IMG_9068 IMG_9052 IMG_9045 IMG_9044 IMG_9036 IMG_9032 IMG_9028 IMG_9027 IMG_8996 IMG_8988 IMG_8986 IMG_8980 IMG_8966 IMG_8964 IMG_8955 IMG_8951 IMG_8944 IMG_8942 IMG_8937 IMG_8933 IMG_8930 IMG_8919 IMG_8917 IMG_8916 IMG_8901 IMG_8899 IMG_8898 IMG_8895 IMG_8894 IMG_8890 IMG_8885 IMG_8853 IMG_8852 IMG_8851 IMG_8846 IMG_8827 IMG_8819 IMG_8807 IMG_8802 IMG_8789 IMG_8782 IMG_8773 IMG_8770 IMG_8765 IMG_8761 IMG_8759 IMG_8754 IMG_8753 IMG_8747 IMG_8744 IMG_8739 IMG_8734 IMG_8731 IMG_8725 IMG_8720 IMG_8718 IMG_8716