Bend, Oregon // Narnian Winter Wonderland

Last week I traveled to Bend, Oregon for work. It was my first time seeing mountains (ever!) and it was simply¬†breathtaking.¬†I will always be a beach bum, but I have decided there is nothing like the mountains. Large snowflakes, majestic pine trees and waking up to fresh snow on my porch is the most amazing thing I’ve seen in creation!

Some coworkers and I partnered with a firm to work on a new project. We brainstormed ideas, framed content and ate at some great places during the long work days. I’m so thankful for a workplace that challenges me and invests in me as a creative.

I walked the short trail to breakfast each morning, bringing my camera with me, and peeked out the window waaaay too many times at the falling snow during work. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed shooting!