Family Vacation | Santa Rosa Beach, FL

I just got back from a restful week on an amazing strip of 30A. You just can’t beat a Florida beach!

The week before the beach, I worked day and night to get things done before vacation. My tendency is to run myself ragged, only read Christian life books, fill my schedule with plans every night and overcommit. But if I shift my gaze, I realize that God is the source of refreshment. Not a nice trip to the beach. Not a “slow Saturday morning.” Not a good night’s sleep (highly underrated). But Him. So if you’re an overcommitter, join the club. Then join me in learning how to make space in our schedules for fellowship, time with God and time to breathe. Because we’re not meant to live this life stressed!

This week was creatively stretching for me in small ways. There were two days where we were just stuck inside, because rain decided to descend on the Gulf Coast. So I had to lean into my limited surroundings and capture the small, often overlooked details. Inspiration comes from a life where we’re looking up and around – to the sky to see the expansive heavens and around to see people’s faces and ordinary moments turned extraordinary. And lemme tell ya… these faces are extraordinary.

Admittedly unfocused, but I love this image.