Walkin’ in Memphis // Memorial Day Weekend

After 10 years of being best friends, we finally went on a trip together…..to the land of Elvis. And Andrea + TJ. It was so good for our hearts to hang out for the weekend and explore.

Enjoy these!

IMG_2660 IMG_3539 IMG_3535 IMG_3517 IMG_3511 IMG_3506 IMG_3488 IMG_3471 IMG_3435 IMG_3431 IMG_3405 IMG_3394 IMG_3365 IMG_3353 IMG_3344 IMG_3281 IMG_3276 IMG_3262 IMG_3257 IMG_3249 IMG_3232
IMG_3207 IMG_3195 IMG_3175 IMG_3169 IMG_3161 IMG_3150 IMG_3133 IMG_3118 IMG_3108 IMG_3092 IMG_3011 IMG_3002 IMG_2997 IMG_2993 IMG_2983 IMG_2955 IMG_2946 IMG_2938 IMG_2930 IMG_2926 IMG_2881 IMG_2854 IMG_2848 IMG_2838 IMG_2829 IMG_2818 IMG_2808 IMG_2797 IMG_2773 IMG_2771 IMG_2760 IMG_2740 IMG_2738 IMG_2730 IMG_2725 IMG_2712 IMG_2708 IMG_2700 IMG_2693 IMG_2686 IMG_2683 IMG_2681 IMG_2675 IMG_2670 IMG_2662