My 30th Birthday: A Samford University Girl Gang Session

We had just finished 45 minutes of being in front of the camera, then it happened.

An absolute downpour.

The thunder had threatened for 15 minutes but we didn’t actually think it would happen, because we live in Alabama, right?

But the rain came harder than any of us expected and we dashed under the library columns at Samford University.

But what did we do next?

Laughing our heads off, we rain around in the rain!



For my 30th birthday, I hired Eric and Jamie Photography to photograph me with all my best pals. because I knew they’d knock it out of the park and it would be the perfect celebration for a photographer like me!



We met at the famous Mr Beeson statue at the front of campus, and they asked for my vision, to which I responded, “Just envision bridal party … without the bridal part!” And, lo and behold, they blew my expectations out of the water!



Each one of these girls has left a specific mark on me — some old friends, some newer, but each special to me in this season. There are so many more not pictured that are stretched across the city, country and globe ❤️ I’m so grateful for a tribe of people who follow Jesus wholeheartedly, live loudly for the Gospel and bring so much joy into my life through their intentionality, consistency, grace, truth and contagious fun. I can’t think of better friends and can’t believe the Lord has been kind enough to let them be mine.



It was a true gift of a day, spending it with friends in the morning and afternoon, eating sugar and wrapping it up with the most epic photoshoot and pizza after. One of my favourite things in life is gathering friends together from many areas of life and seeing friendships form 🙂 I love to call my friends “stand-alone friends” because they can hold their own, make friends with anyone and find instant connections with people. My people are the best, and I’m so thankful it was all documented so for years to come I can remember the Lord’s faithfulness in my life to surround me with godly women.



A double rainbow appeared as we finished the photoshoot, and it felt like the Lord shouting, “I am everything you need, Eleanor. I’m your delight, your joy, your strength, your sufficiency and I am more beautiful than you could imagine.”