My Story: Part III of III

I type this blog post from a quaint Starbucks in Mountain Brook, Alabama. It’s my favourite place to work because there’s a long table in the middle that occupies many different people throughout the day. I’m working my dream job as a photographer, and it’s been a gift to sit here and write, strategize, implement, email, design, keep the books, meet with clients and all the things that come with running a business.

I never knew I could be this fulfilled in work, and I never knew this dream would come to fruition so quickly! I have the privilege of connecting with people, photographing huge life events, cheering people on in marriage, developing my craft and writing a lot.




I’ve never been one to dream much, but I can make one heck of a to-do list that usually includes more than I can chew. I never had a dream job growing up, but I knew I loved the arts and anything that stretched my creativity or tapped into my desire to tell stories. I’m so thankful for a God who weaves in gifts and passions and fulfills our hearts desires when they are surrendered to Him!



As I sit here at 24 years old, I feel alive. I’m thankful for God, who is life and breath and purpose. I’m thankful for my family who is surrendered to God’s calling on their individual lives. I’m thankful for friends who encourage, and friends who have stayed for years upon years. I’m thankful for this job – simply a gift – where I get to document life and special occasions. I’m thankful for clients who entrust me with one of the most weighty days of their lives. They let me in to sacred moments, intimate moments and trust me to capture everything with their personalities in mind.

Hey, dreamer. You can do this! It might take a few years of cultivating the side hustle, or you might be ready to take the leap. But it’s worth it. And with a steadfast God who leads and guides, no one can shut a door that He opens, and no one can open a door that He shuts. I’m here for alllllll the pep talks!

Thank you for following along with this ever-evolving photography journey the Lord has planned. I’m glad we’re in it together!