Rosemary Beach | Girls Weekend

This weekend was my favourite of 2018 thus far. I went with my friends Caroline and Ashley to Rosemary Beach, and it was juuuuuuust right. They are both radiant, godly, caring and HILARIOUS, so we were bound to have a great time from the get go. We took our time, didn’t schedule anything and really rested. That’s the sign of a great vacation! Here’s our 10-point list that made up the best weekend:

  1. Naps. Crucial!
  2. Reading (I’m reading Keep a Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliott and it’s rocking my world)
  3. 1 Thessalonians
  4. The Sugar Shak ice cream
  5. Photoshoot at Alys Beach (we took 10 minutes worth before being kicked out…). I mean, you can’t go on vacation with me and be surprised by a photoshoot 🙂
  6. La Cocina in Seacrest
  7. More naps
  8. Coffee and doughnuts at Charlie’s Donuts
  9. Long walks
  10. Dinner with family friends (that involved my first time eating fish!)

So, friends, if you’re wondering what to do at the beach, that’s the 10-point formula right there (obviously counting naps twice because duh). In no order whatsoever, with a few iPhone photos thrown in, and pictures of me taken by the lovely Taylor Glow, here you go: