It’s a Tuesday summer morning and I’m loving editing these pictures.

My sister Sarah and I went on a little adventure during golden hour yesterday. We stumbled upon (or, rather, drove to) a lovely cul-de-sac bursting with greenery, ventured to New Hope South by the pond and found some quaint spots in Senoia… perfect for a fun photoshoot!

Sarah learned a little about composition, lighting and detail last night and was also the perfect model. Just look at that stunning curly hair! We both love summer, and yesterday surely kicked it off!

IMG_6131 IMG_6135 IMG_6140 IMG_6173 IMG_6183 IMG_6186 IMG_6204 IMG_6241 IMG_6243 IMG_6253 IMG_6261 IMG_6268 IMG_6292 IMG_6315 IMG_6322 IMG_6325 IMG_6340 IMG_6359 IMG_6363 IMG_6372 IMG_6397 IMG_6417 IMG_6451 IMG_6457 IMG_6470 IMG_6478 IMG_6484