A Tour of Brighton, England

Friends, this is my hometown! Last week, my Mama and I took a trip to photograph my childhood best friend’s wedding. We managed to squeeze in a walk on the seafront and a day full of fish and chips, a visit to the Royal Pavilion, a walk down the pier, a surprise tea with my friend and big cups of coffee.

The thing I really love about Brighton is that no store looks the same! It’s full of artistic storefronts with vibrant colours and people who dress however they want. The city is old, but it’s also new and fresh. I hope you enjoy these images! I love this city and am so thankful to have grown up here.

The church where I grew up… where my Dad pastored for 13 years… And where I got baptized. A special place indeed.

Ran into my sweet friend at a coffee shop! It was a nice surprise and we got to catch up before the wedding day 🙂 

The Lanes are tiny alley ways full of little stores!

Prince Regent built the Royal Pavilion in 1787 as a summer seaside palace. It is incredibly beautiful! 

We ate fish and chips on the beach as we sat by the pier!My childhood home 🙂 Such fond memories at this place.