Travel: Budapest

Well well, I am back in the States after traveling with Samford’s A Cappella Choir for two weeks. It was the most magical and adventurous trip with lots of singing, sight-seeing and friendships thrown in.

We boarded a plane to Paris (after practicing and performing in the airport) three weeks ago and took a connecting flight to Budapest, a city none of us had ever been to before but were immediately fascinated by. We were unfortunately only there for a day, but a whole day is more than enough to get a few pictures!

Upon our arrival, we settled in to our hotel and walked around the city center before dinner. Soon after, we went to bed after 30+ hours of traveling. The next day, we saw sites such as Heroes Square (tomb of the unknown soldier and statues of gods of war, peace, victory, work and the harvest), Zoltan Kodaly square (composer of Esti Dal), Parliament and the House of Terror (many people disappeared in this building during the Nazi regime).

Budapest interestingly has 230 churches and 18 synagogues. It has the largest Jewish community in central Europe. The river Danube separates the “Buda” side from the “Pest” side–Buda being more residential and Pest more commercial.

My favourite part of our stay in Budapest was the view from the top of the huge hill. We spent about an hour singing, taking pictures and standing with mouths agape at the stunning view. Budapest, we loved ya!


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