The Secret To My Camera Gear

February 8, 2018

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I buy all of my Canon camera equipment used! Like clothes shopping, I’m always looking for an amazing deal. Honey helps me find coupon codes, but typically I just wait for a big sale at my favourites: Old Navy, Target and Gap. Let’s be real, I get the frugality from my Dutch roots!
 I’ve bought equipment from KEH Camera, B&H Photo Video, a Canon buy and sell Facebook group, Amazon and eBay. I’ve never had any trouble with any used equipment, but that’s because I always do my research! The key to buying used equipment is to talk with the seller. Ask as many questions as you can, look at pictures and find out the real reason they’re selling. Thankfully I’ve never had a bad purchase (although I’ve had some pretty funny interactions when selling equipment!)
  1. Canon 5D Mark iii. This is an angel of a camera…so much so that I have two. The Mark iii is a powerhouse. With 61 focus points, fantastic colour and durability, I think these two will be with me for a long time.
  2. Canon 85mm f/1.2 L. I never take this lens off my camera body! I’ve fallen in love with the bokeh, the crispness and the creaminess of this lens. Love ya, 85.
  3. Canon 35mm f/1.4 L. Quite opposite to the 85, the 35 gets me up close and personal to a subject and allows me to capture a lot of fullness. Mm. With as much dreaminess as the 85, the 35 will forever be a go-to.
  4. Canon 100mm f/2.8 L. As much as I wish this lens had a lower aperture, it’s a real beauty. This lens enables me to get the perfect detail shots…rings, invitation suites….ah, bliss!
  5. Canon 580 EXII. Honestly, I think off-camera flash was a genius invention! What the camera can’t do in super low-light, the flash can. And for that, all photographers say a resounding “amen.”
So, I’ve shared what’s in my bag, but not about the actual bag!
  1. Meet the ThinkTank Airport TakeOff. Sounds rad, right? This one has been to D.C., Oregon and England with me, and I’ve never had any problems getting on planes with it. It’s sturdy, trustworthy and packs a lot.
  2. Meet the Kelly Moore Bag – Luna Bone. This little cutie is the perfect size if I’m wanting to just bring a lens or two on a shoot while I’m wearing both camera bodies. I typically put all my essentials in it (phone, keys, wallet) and it’s nice to not lug around a huge camera bag while shooting!
  3. Meet the Canon 200DG Gadget Bag. Honestly, I got this bag with a purchase and didn’t expect to enjoy it so much! It fits two lens bodies with lenses attached, plus another lens if I’m feeling adventurous.

Well, that’s a sneak peek inside what makes this business work. I’m so thankful for this job!