A New Normal

Since Meg’s wedding, I’ve been pretty emotional about the whole Meg-moving-out thing. Although she and Alex live a mere 20 minutes away, it feels like part of the family is gone.

Meg and Alex hung out at our house almost every night for the past six years. Alex has been like a brother for a long time now and is one of the best men I know. We’re thankful as a family for the strong, personable man he is and for the fun he brings to our family. Part of the family is not gone; we’ve just added to it! Yet the transition is harder than I expected.

I’ve been having a lot of “oh, wait..” moments recently. For instance, hearing the garage door opening, assuming it’s Meg, and thinking, “oh wait…she doesn’t live here anymore.” It might sound morbid, but that’s the reality of it. It’s an emotional adjustment. I’ve been experiencing short spurts of what the other three experience all the time.

By no means is it painful or unbearable, but it’s the new normal. And new is good. God brings new mercies every morning; new means a fresh slate. Meg and Alex are on a new adventure. We are on a new adventure. And, strangely, we are still on an adventure together.

Tonight I’m thankful for the blessing of sisters. Even though one lives at home, I live at college and Meg lives with a boy (I think I’m supposed to say “ew”), we are still united under what our godly parents instilled in us–love for Jesus and each other. We are united by our heritage, by our faith, by our country, by our experiences together. I’m filled to overflowing tonight. Here are a few pictures of my crazily beautiful sisters (and a few of Alex)!